The handling and transportation of a work of art is not anodyne.

At Avantime-Dem, we are aware that a work of art has both a sentimental and a pecuniary value, that’s why we have a specially trained team in packing, handling and transporting FineArt objects for museums, cultural organizations, galleries or private collectors.

From packing to transporting or storing, our experts offer you a service worthy of your expectations.

However FineArt is not only about paintings and sculptures. The piano that has been passed on from generation to generation  in your family or your Renaissance armchair are also considered as work of art by Avantime-Dem, and are handled with the utmost care.

We have created a wide array of services in terms of temporary exhibition, heavy and fine handling, secure storage, moving or transportation.

Thanks to our bespoke materials and wooden boxes we can offer you the best transportation and handling conditions for your invaluable belongings. We respect every item’s specifics in terms of packaging (right temperature, humidity etc.)

We treat every piece of art as if it was ours !