Pack 1 : Wellbeing

As its name suggests, the « Wellbeing pack » is there to take every move related issue off your shoulder and let you in a peace of mind knowing that your move is entirely  handled by Avantime-Dem. You can even not attend to your home for the time of the move once you gave instructions to our team, and get back to work or whatever task you have to do.

Our crews control the whole process and respect your family’s privacy.

Pack 2 : Standard

If you want the move carried out by us but you still want to take some part of it, you can choose the « Standard pack ». The removal man stil do all the hard work you expect from thes like handling, transportation, packing your warbrobes and fragile items (dishes, glassware, paintings) etc. while you take care of packing and unpacking  your personal laundry and linen, your non-breakable items .

Pack 3 : Economical

The « Economocal pack » is the best option for you if you want to benefit from having a professional service and combine it with a tight budget. Before our crews arrive, we provide you with materials so you can partly prepare your move by packing your fragile items (tableware, glasswork, paintings etc.) and your clothes. On the day of the move, we load and unload the items you previously packed with the ones we dit (furniture etc.) and put them back in place at your new residence. It’ll be up to you to unpack them and arrange them at your own pace.

Pack 4 : Furniture only

If you need a mainly furniture related service such as dismantling/assembling and transportation, the « Furniture only » pack is made for you because it allows you to have our man helping you with the furniture part while you take care of the rest. You’ll have to pack and transport your boxes and personal belongings and we handle your furniture from your old to your new residence.