Archives and library relocation

Procedures, experience, equipment

We already said it before but we must insist on the fact that a relocation cannot be improvised, even less when it’s about archives.

There are a few reasons that can explain why a company or an organization needs to move its archives. It can be temporary, during the time of a refurbishment, and in this case we need to plan a return operation. It can also be definitive when the company is moving to new premises.

Each case is specific and needs to be planned before in order to operate smoothly.

At Avantime Dem, we are used to move different types of archives, from living archives to dead or semi-dead. From shelved record boxes to suspension folders, from regular stacks to “compactus” systems. We can adapt to any kind of moves.

During the preparation phase, we spend time with you in order to fit our methodology with your needs. There is the moment to prepare detailed procedures and methodologies, taking into account all the specificities of your move (space, shelving, indexing, tagging, packing etc.)

All this preparation phase is vital for the success of the move. If done correctly, everything on the day of the move goes smoothly.

Several kilometers of documents

When relocating libraries and archives, often several kilometers worth of books and documents are involved.

This means that you need people with experience who know how to follow the procedures, whth the appropriate use of materials. That’s why, according to each need, we use plastic archive trays, lockable roll containers or other options.


Archives are made of a company’s confidential documents and contain administrative or financial information. Our staff is therefore screened in advance and will handle your personal information with the utmost level of care.

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