Business removals

Every need is specific. That’s why we have a department dedicated exclusively to business removals who executes several tasks with an eye to guide you throughout your move in France and worldwide.

During the preparation phase, we can intervene in order to:

  • Define your needs
  • Advise you
  • Visit your premises to define the cubing , the entrances, the specificities…
  • Establish you a fair quotation
  • Determine the crews and the lenght of the move
  • Schedule the intervention
  • Organise pre-move meetings with you and your crew

Throughout the move of your company, we are also here to :

  • Manage the operations
  • Put up plans and signage
  • Apply security procedure
  • Comply with the deadlines
  • Preserve the environment and deal with our waste thanks to VALDELIA
  • Inspect and do quality checks on a daily basis
  • Respect of the signage when putting back the furniture
  • Regular debriefing about the progress of your move
  • Follow the proceeding of your move