Moving out and changing homes means a new chapter in your life for you and for your family. It is an important moment and Avantime-Dem and his representatives are there to help you smooth the removal part of it.

In order to be always  up to your expectations, your budget and your technical or time constraints, we offer you adaptable solutions summarized into  4 packages that can be modified depending on your needs because everyone has specific requirements

We can relocate all type of homes: houses, apartments, villas, mansion and chalets in France and all over the world.

Every package can be adjusted with several options that you can see below.

These options are not  restricted, if you want something that’s not offered, you can suggest it to us, we try to inovate ceaselessly and are at your service.


Furniture only Economical Standard Welbeing
Mattress protection in slipcovers  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark
Unmantling of furniture if needed  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark
Protection of your furniture and belongings with moving blankets and materials  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark
Transportation of the furniture with removal trucks  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark
Unloading of the furniture and items  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark
Put your furniture back in place  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark
Assembling the furniture that we dismantled  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark
Boxes and packing materials are made available to you at our warehouse  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark
Boxes transportation and delivery to their respective room  check-mark  check-mark  check-mark
Packing of your breakable items (dishes, glassware, paintings)  check-mark  check-mark
Specific packing (lampshade, rugs, decorations)  check-mark  check-mark
Packing  of your wardrobes with hangers  check-mark  check-mark
Unpacking of your fragile items, wardrobes and decorations  check-mark  check-mark
Packing and unpacking of your non-fragile belongings such as clothes and linen, books, toys, kitchen ustensil  check-mark
Recovery of the used materials and recycling  check-mark

Many options are available to you facilitate the move, do not hesitate to request a free quote.