Check list

This checklist has been developed in order to help you organize your move before the day of our intervention. You may be moving for the first time, while we move people on a daily basis. Therefore we singled out some points that we think are important for the preparation of your move.
This list is neither exhaustive nor mandatory, however our experience has taught us that it is useful to check it from time to time so that you’re not caught unprepared when it’s too late.

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1 month before the move3 Weeks before your move1 Week before your moveThe day before your moveThe Day of your moveAt The arrival, first steps
  • Chose your moving company and the service that’s adapted
  • Set the dates of your move
  • Anticipate as soon as possible a need for a hotel and make a reservation, or let Avantime-Dem do that for you.
  • In France, all employees are legally entitled to have one day off for their move; keep your employer informed.
  • NOTIFY the authorities that may be affected by your change of address: the Post Office, your bank, your insurer, your children’s kindergarten, your concierge, your attending physician etc. and arrange for your records to be transferred to a branch that’s closer to your new home.
  • Think about a parking permit for the day of your move, or let us do it for you.
  • If you’re tenant, make some enhancement work on your residence in order to get back your guarantee.
  •  Start gathering all the documents you may need for your move (residence and work permit, tax return, bank references etc.).
  • Select the items you want to take with you and those you don’t. It’s better if you don’t take the unnecessary with you!
  • Clean the items that require it in order to help us packing them (garden tools, bikes, lawn mower emptied from fuel and oil!).
  • If you’re packing your goods, make sure that the labeling is right (departure room, arrival room, contents, comments if fragile etc.).
  • Keep the items that you won’t take in a separate place.
  • Draw a plan of your future residence and number the rooms to make it easier for the inventory and the installation.
  • Put all your personal stuff, suitcases, boxes and items that you want to pack by yourself together and mark them if necessary.
  • Make a copy of all your computer files and keep them with you.
  • Think one last time about all your documents, papers, certificates, identification etc.
  • Empty your mail box and remove your names
  • Keep together all the items that you transport by yourself
  • Empty and clean your refrigerator and thaw the freezer
  • Make sure that you have put aside your personal toiletry articles, drugs and other valuable goods
  • Notify your neighbors of your move (arrival of our team, process, conditions of use of the elevator, of the stairs etc.)
  • Ascertain the state of the residence with the team leader and talk about the organisation of your move (packing, unmounting, schedule, use of the elevator, of the stairs etc.) and single out the articles that require special care.
  • Prepare a « survival kit » who will help you out durning the first days of your arrival.
  • At the end of the move, check again the state of the residence with te team leader to make sure that nothing has been forgotten. Also verify that all the wardrobe’s keys, fastenings etc. have been packed in the adequate box. This box must be recognized easily.
  • Sign the packing list and take a copy with you.
  • Place the boxes in the middle of the destination room in order to let the space along the walls.
  • Measure up the water, electricity and gas meters as soon as you enter the place.
  • Put your name on your door and mail box.
  • Notify your new neighbors about the future move, there’s no need to have a neighbor feud because of your move.